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Gigapan Workflow from Rich Gibson

Gigapan Workflow

Pre-Shoot Checklist

Things to consider before you go out into the field.

  1. Decide on your goal, or outcome. To be cliche: failure to plan means planning to fail. It is okay for your plan to be as minimal as ‘explore an area and take some gigapans if I see something interesting.’ Problems come when you have an expectation of creating something great, but no sense of a goal to get there.
  2. Do any research you wish about the area you are going to photograph. Exploring an area in Google Earth may give you insight into places you wish to cover with gigapans.
  3. Obtain and pack any maps or other resources you need.
  4. Set the time on your camera. If you have a GPS, use the GPS time to sync your camera time. Tip: take a picture of your GPS showing the current time to the second. You can use the time in the exif headers and match to the GPS to get the true time.
  5. If you are using a GPS, check the track log memory and make sure there is space for your intended trip. The the tracklog resolution as appropriate for you. In a modern GPS using the standard mode is okay, but if you want detailed track logs and photo location set it to a more detailed option. Make sure the GPS is on, and is recording track logs.

Packing List (You Mileage may vary!)

  • Camera.
  • gigapan
  • tripod (contrary to some opinions, you don’t need to have a triopod.
  • camera mount screw, with extra if available.
  • spare camera battery and spare gigapan battery.
  • spare memory card
  • GPS
  • Notebook (paper 🙂 and pen or pencil.

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