Affordable Gigapixel Imaging by Uber-Gigapanner Rich Gibson

Affordable Gigapixel Imaging

The Gigapan was created by the Global Connection Project as part of their effort at “using the power of images to connect people, places, and events.”

The project consists of a robotic camera head which rotates the camera and automatically takes up to hundreds of images, custom software to stitch those images into a single potentially gigapan (1 gigapixel = 1,000 megapixels!) panorama, and a community website and flash-based viewer which can be embedded in your web page to enable your visitors to pan and zoom into your gigapixel images.

I am an independent photographer, programmer, author, and early Gigapan user. I am now available to come to your location and create gigapixel imagery which you can embed in your web pages or print at large scale. I have created tools and workflow to allow me to efficiently create high resolution gigapan images for about the price you’d pay for a Quicktime-VR, and integrate them into your web site..

I am also available for training and custom programming to help you take your own gigapans and create the right workflow for you.

Please contact me:, 707-529-6413.

Technical Notes

Selected Images




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